Industry leading turnaround times and discrepancy rates.



    Interpretations include a radiologist consultation with the clinical team.



    Best-in-class radiologists with virtually no physician turnover.



    Patient-centric culture which leads to an unparalleled client-retention rate.


Welcome to Vision Radiology®

Vision Radiology® was formed in 2003 by several radiology alumni from The Johns Hopkins University. We shared the same core values with respect to our dedication to diagnostic radiology and our commitment to patient welfare. Our Vision was to work together to serve local radiology practices and their patients across the country during understaffed hours. We have since been joined by numerous other radiologists of the same mold, predominantly alumni of Johns Hopkins and Stanford University. Most of us were already friends and colleagues outside of Vision, hence our staffing has been very stable, cohesive, and collaborative.

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Consistently Reliable

Vision Radiology® is Joint Commission accredited, and all of our radiologists are ABR certified, subspecialty trained, and based in the U.S. Our secure technology platform has been consistently robust and reliable, and complements the HIPAA requirements of our clients. We have made the commitment to read only non-compressed DICOM quality, never resorting to lossy compression. Our high-speed redundant network enables an average turnaround time of less than 20 minutes from the receipt of scan. Because our radiologists are available by direct phone line, a super stat interpretation or protocol consultation can be requested at any time.


an unsurpassed reputation

If you speak with our current clients, you will find that Vision has established an unsurpassed reputation in teleradiology coverage primarily because of our level of quality and service. Most of our studies are performed in the emergency setting, where proper communication is imperative, as life-saving real-time clinical decisions are being made at local hospitals based on our remote consultations. We therefore verbally consult on each cross-sectional case (followed by typewritten report) to minimize the chance for miscommunication regarding clinical history or radiological interpretation. We embrace our role in this critical chain of care.