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Who is Vision

Teleradiology Visionaries

Our Visionaries share a patient-first mindset, striving to provide world-class quality and compassionate care while ensuring a modernistic healthcare experience that prioritizes patient well-being and elevates the practice of diagnostic radiology globally.

Become Part of the Vision

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Vision Radiology® is Joint Commission accredited, and our team of radiologists is ABR certified, and 98% are subspecialty trained

ArrowsBlack Flexibility

Our practice model provides unparalleled flexibility to our radiologists, allowing them to set their own schedules and work from virtually any location with a reliable internet connection.

AcademicInBlack Academic Intelligence

We are a group of lifelong learners, academicians who don't necessarily write papers. Learning and sharing are ingrained in our culture to the extent that we created an ACCME-accredited internal CME program.

CollaborativeBlack Collaborative Approach

We practice medicine as a team sport. Our radiologists consult with referring physicians in many cases and collaborate internally when they have a question or want a second opinion.

HumanityBlack_Bigger Humanity Centered

We embrace a patient-centered, collegial practice model with the well-being of our patients, clients, and Visionaries as our primary objective. We tirelessly seek to advance our practice in service to humanity.


Most Unique Part of a Day Working at Vision:

“We work from home doing Teleradiology, but we remain extremely connected. You are constantly interacting with your colleagues, referring providers, and other radiologists located all over the country. You may be communicating with up to 20 or more colleagues back and forth in real-time as a team about an interesting or challenging case. So, throughout the workday you are constantly interacting with a variety of different people in the interest of providing excellent care for our patients.”

Anthony Powell, M.D. (Radiologist)